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Sorry Nokia 1100 fans: the C115 was cooler

The Nokia 1100 might be popular on the internet today, as the phone that would resist a Zombie outbreak, an Alien invasion or a Nuclear war. But that's not fair to the C115. Do you remember this guy? Now THAT is a legendary phone.

Its design was either loved or hated, but it was way miles ahead of the Nokia 1100 in terms of esthetics. The Nokia dumbphone was like a small candy bar while the C115 was designed to fit your hand comfortably, with its subtle curves and round edges. And it was around the time Moto started playing with customization. There's even a flip version of it and countless color cases were released for it.

In terms of specs, both were low-end devices with similar specs and brought their respective Snake or Bee games, but the C115 was lighter and would let you create your custom ringtones, while battery life was a little longer.

With Nokia's recent comeback to the phone industry, the old war will be on: Motorola vs Nokia. Both sides hated each other for different reasons and both sides share very similar moments. Though I root for Nokia's success, Motorola will be the cooler one for me, just like the C115 was cooler than the 1100.

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