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For nearly 90 years the Motorola name has been synonymous with quality, innovation and trust around the world. Over 100 million products sold each year carry the Motorola name and demonstrate the brand's lasting power and continued relevance in today's ever-evolving marketplace.  (Motorola, 2017)

Welcome to our Motorola History archives, where you can find interesting historic material about our beloved brand.

Historic Moto facts, media and articles by Motorola Fans
This month, we are celebrating the 44th anniversary of the DynaTAC, the first portable cellular phone. Motorola invented the mobile industry, and we made our own video to celebrate that.

Motorola History on social media
Earlier last year, we created our own social media sites about the rich history of this brand we all love. It was an instant success, with over 10K followers on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Follow our Motorola History accounts to get cool facts and pictures.


Official History archives
Motorola Mobility and Motorola Solutions have their own dedicated history sections on their websites. Motorola Solutions has a complete timeline of accomplishments and interesting facts, while Motorola Mobility updates its section each month to celebrate anniversaries of product launches and facts.

Motorola Solutions History Services: here

Motorola Mobility History Milestones: here

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