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For nearly 90 years the Motorola name has been synonymous with quality, innovation and trust around the world. Over 100 million products sold each year carry the Motorola name and demonstrate the brand's lasting power and continued relevance in today's ever-evolving marketplace. (Motorola, 2017)

Don't miss out our featured special: Motorola History, 1928-2017. It features every relevant bit of information as a timeline/infographic that narrates the complete history of our beloved brand in a special, unique way.

This infographic includes every iconic moment of the 90 year history, since the early beginnings as Galvin Manufacturing Corporation, to the success at developing the first Walkie Talkies during the Second World War to the man landing in the moon, all thanks to Motorola.

You will also see some of the amazing recent history, from the RAZR to the KRZR, from ROKR to PEBL. From Droid to Moto Z and from Google to Lenovo.

You can read the whole special here.

This year, we are celebrating the 44th anniversary of the DynaTAC, the first portable cellular phone. We interviewed Martin Cooper, the legendary Motorola engineer who led the team that created the first mobile phone. Check it out here. Motorola invented the mobile industry, and we made our own video to celebrate that.

Throughout the video, you will see some rare footage of April 3rd, 1973, when Martin Cooper went to the streets of New York City to test the first mobile phone call in front of members of the press. This happened at 11:35AM, a time that might sound familiar to you (whoever gets it right is a true fan!).

Check out our tribute to Martin Cooper and the DynaTAC here:

Did you know Motorola radios allowed Neil Armstrong to send his iconic words back to the Earth? "It's one small step for a man. One giant leap for mankind", he said, as he stepped out of the Apollo 11 spaceship. 

Motorola made both radio and video transmissions possible on July 20th, 1969. Over 500 million people watched this great accomplishment, becoming the most watched live event of all-time. Fun fact: Motorola spent 11 years working on the radio technology that would transmit these audios and visuals. 

NASA relied on Motorola's radio technology for the following decades and for most of its missions.

We also made our own tribute video to the Apollo 11 mission and to Motorola's contributions to this milestone for humanity.

July 2017 marks the 13th anniversary of the Motorola RAZR. It also marks the tenth anniversary of the RAZR2 series. We are celebrating these iconic launches with many history-dedicated posts. 

The Motorola RAZR V3 is more than just a phone. It represents the past decade and the best of the best in terms of what designers can do. It was the ultimate cultural icon during its long ride of success and it will remain the most iconic phone of all time.

Did you know?
  • 150 Million RAZRs were sold
  • It was the best-selling phone in the USA from 2004 to 2008
  • Motorola released 30+ variants of it
  • Was featured in dozens of movies and TV shows
  • Became a wealth icon in the Monopoly game
  • Is still the fastest phone to sell 100 million units worldwide
  • Outsold the 1st and 2nd Generation iPhones
  • Was the thinnest and lightest phone at its launch

Official History archives

Motorola Mobility and Motorola Solutions have their own dedicated history sections on their websites. Motorola Solutions has a complete timeline of accomplishments and interesting facts, while Motorola Mobility updates its section each month to celebrate anniversaries of product launches and facts.

We do recommend taking a look at the following links, specially Motorola Solutions' one, as it includes some rare images and press releases from back in the day.

Motorola Solutions History Services: here

Motorola Mobility History Milestones: here

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