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Museum: the largest Motorola collection


Motorola is more than a hobby or passion for me. It's a lifestyle. Over the years, I bonded with this brand in a way that many will find strange or won't understand at all.
Back when I was 11, I was fascinated with Moto's style, marketing campaigns, and yes...flip phones. My first phone was a V360 back in 2006 and then I began my journey as a collector, gathering over 180 Motorola devices that date from 1989 to 2020, and also includes all kinds of accessories and collectible promo stuff.

My love for Motorola also led me to creating this community. For a while, this website had 300,000+ monthly views and was the #1 source of Motorola information (except leaks, we don't do that). And our social media communities reached over 150k followers. 
In the last years, work/life balance has been hard on me, and keeping this community active has been difficult. I try to post regularly on social media, with a new-found passion on TikTok, but it's still hard to make time for this.

But I never stopped collecting. I'm always buying new phones and looking for those cool/rare devices that captivated me back when I was a kid. It's a fun chase!

My dream is to build a Motorola museum one day: one that people can actually come and experience.

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