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Which Moto Z should I buy?

Every 2 years, many smartphone users are faced with an important decision. Which phone should be your next one? Should it be iPhone? Samsung? Pixel? How about Motorola? If you are following our blog here at Motorola Fans, you are probably aware that Motorola invented the cell phone and they also make the most unique of phones. Motorola also has durable phones with great quality. 

Durability has always been a priority for Motorola.  Many manufacturers make so many different devices from the same brand, that it can be overwhelming to choose the phone that fits your needs. If you're looking for a unique Motorola phone, here are your options for the Moto Z brand of smartphones:

What is Moto Z?
Moto Z is the most unique series of phones available on the market today. This is due to Moto Mods, which are case-like accessories that attach magnetically to any Moto Z series smartphone. Moto Z's are the most expensive phones, not just because of the purchase price, but also, the Moto Mods can be a bit pricey, depending on which Mod you purchase. 

They are very useful, though, and some provide a sense of style for your Moto Z, to match your outfit and personality.  Some Style Mods also allow for wireless charging. Currently, both the Moto Z series and Z2 series feature a large 5.5" screen. When the Z2 series was built, they kept the screen size the same as their predecessor to continue accommodating the Moto Mods system.  

The Moto Mods system is said to be supported for at least 3 generations. All Moto Z's have a special connector on the back of them that makes the Moto Mods communicate with the phone to make them work with it. Most Moto Mods have a matching connector that lines up with the one on the phone. 

The Moto Mods are held in place with strong, smartphone-safe magnets. There are different kinds of Moto Mods from cameras and loudspeakers, to a gamepad to a pico projector. 

Moto Z2 Force
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Moto Z /Z Force/Z2 Force
There are several different versions of Moto Z. The original Moto Z is almost identical to the Moto Z Force Droid Edition, except it has slightly fewer features and a screen that is not shatterproof. Moto Z has a 13 MP camera, whereas Moto Z Force has a 21MP camera. Both have flashes on the front and back cameras and a 5MP front-facing camera. 

The Moto Z2 Force has dual 12MP cameras on its rear, with one camera that has Depth Of Field. Moto Z2 Force's front-facing camera also has a wide angle lens. 

Moto Z, and Moto Z Force both feature 5.5" Quad HD AMOLED displays, whereas the Moto Z2 Force features a 5.5 Quad HD POLED display. The difference between the original Moto Z's and Moto Z2's displays are the intensity of color resolution. Moto Z has a Corning Gorilla Glass screen, which is scratch resistant, but not shatterproof. 

Moto Z Force/ Moto Z2 Force feature Moto Shattershield, which is a layered screen made of hard plastic that looks like glass, that is shatterproof. It is advertised as being guaranteed not to crack or shatter for at least 4 years from the time of purchase. We at Motorola Fans do not encourage consumers to be careless with their phones, regardless if the phone is shatterproof or not. 

The Moto Z Force phones are shatterproof, but they are not shockproof, so for consumers working or living in situations that are risky for their cellphones, it is still recommended to use a case. Moto Shattershield is not scratch resistant, so we recommend a screen protector. There are different options, including flexible glass which works similar to Moto Shattershield, as both flex upon impact, rather than cracking or shattering.

The Moto Z2 Force features "One Button Nav", which allows you to turn off the on-screen navigation keys to allow more room on your screen when doing things that might require more screen, such as playing games or watching videos. The original Moto Z series does not feature this.

The Moto Z, Moto Z Force, and Moto Z2 Force are advertised as having over 24 hours of battery, depending on usage. They also feature Turbo Power, which allows for faster charging than older smartphones. The Moto Z features a 2,600 mAh battery, Moto Z Force has a 3,500 mAh battery, and the Moto Z2 Force has a 2730 mAh battery. The Moto Z2 Force has a smaller battery than the Moto Z Force, but the battery in it is said to be better optimized, like the Moto Z2 Play's battery. 

Moto Z is a great option for anyone who wants a phone with lesser features, but also the Moto Mods experience. Moto Z Force/Moto Z2 Force are great options for anyone who wants a shatterproof screen,  and the extra features it offers, especially the camera.
Moto Z2 Play, Moto Z Play, and Moto Z

Moto Z Play/Moto Z2 Play:
Moto Z Play is the most affordable of all the Moto Z series, and they do not have as many features as the Moto Z Force. They are great for anyone who wants a modular phone, but with minimal features, and a phone that is affordable, even on a payment plan. 

Moto Z Play has a 16MP rear camera, whereas the Moto Z2 Play has a 12MP rear camera with Autofocus Pixels, which is an improved type of Autofocus in smartphones. It uses more pixels than previous smartphone cameras to accurately focus on the subject. 

Unlike the Moto Z Force series Moto Z2 Play, doesn't have a shatterproof screen, instead, it has a beautiful 5.5" POLED display with Gorilla Glass, which is a scratch-resistant glass commonly used on phone screens across nearly all phone manufacturers, including Motorola. Moto Z Play has a 5.5" AMOLED display, which has a slightly lower resolution than Moto Z2 Play. 

Moto Z2 Play also features "On Button Nav", like Moto Z2 Force has. Moto Z Play doesn't feature this either. Both Moto Z Play and Moto Z2 Play include 32GB of internal storage. They can be upgraded to 2TB of external storage, via MicroSD, but currently, only 200GB is the highest capacity MicroSD card available. The Moto Z Force series can also be upgraded up to 2TB on a MicroSD card. 

Moto Z2 Play has a Qualcomm Snapdragon 626 octa-core processor, whereas the Moto Z Play has a Qualcomm Snapdragon 625 quad-core processor. The Moto Z2 Play has a much faster processor than the Moto Z Play, but the battery is smaller and better optimized than the Moto Z Play. Moto Z2 Play has a 3,000 mAh battery, whereas Moto Z Play has a 3,510 mAh battery, but bigger batteries don't always mean better battery life. 

Moto Z Play/Moto Z2 are great options for anyone who wants a mid-range phone with fewer features than the Moto Z Force series but longer battery life, but also want the Moto Mods experience. 

Which Moto Z is the best for me?
All Moto Z's have their strengths and weaknesses just like we do. The Moto Z that you choose is a matter of personal preference and what features you are looking for in your next smartphone. Do you want something ultra-durable that won't crack or shatter? Do you want longer battery life? A better smartphone camera? Are you planning on purchasing and using Moto Mods? 

You don't have to have Moto Mods to use a Moto Z phone, but they will enhance your user experience. Also, all Moto Z's work similar to each other so if you have owned one before and are planning on upgrading to a newer generation Moto Z, it will have many familiar features, or if you have had other Moto phones, it will be a similar and hopefully better experience for you. We at Motorola Fans hope that you enjoy your shiny new Moto Z phone for years to come. They are unique just like you!
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