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Meet the new Moto X40


Just like they did in the past year, Motorola released the new powerhouse phone in China as Moto X40, that will later hit other countries as a Motorola EDGE phone. Last year, the X30 became the Edge 30 Pro, so it's bound to happen again.

This new device looks very polished, with a design similar to the latest EDGE 30 Fusion and also the latest Moto G devices. Users will be happy to know it comes with IP68 certification, so you shouldn't worry about the phone getting wet. It comes in a black and a blue-ish silver, and once it gets released as an EDGE phone, it might even come with the latest PANTONE colors Moto has been marketing lately.

Being the powerful phone it is, the device comes with 125W charging and a 4600mAH battery. While it's not the biggest battery, it will charge super fast. All of that is backed by a Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 processor, and 8/12GB RAM versions with 256/512GB internal storage, respectively.

There's a 6.7" 1080p curved display with a crazy high 165Hz refresh rate, which is the highest on a Motorola phone ever. Oh, and there's a 50MP main camera, a 50MP ultrawide camera and a 12MP telephoto as well. On the front, you'll find a 60MP selfie camera.

Android 13 is also there, with the lovely MyUx and all the features and gestures you know (it's MyUI in China and the whole experience is different, but assuming it hits other countries, it will come with MyUx). Plus ReadyFor, which I know it's handy but at the same time have rarely used it on my EDGE 20 Pro and EDGE 30 Pro.

Overall, a very neat device. It will be sold at around 500 dollars in China. Hopefully it hits other markets with a similar price. It would be a steal.

Let's see how Motorola handles the EDGE line and all of its lines next year. I'm not a fan of them releasing a Moto G variant every month, and I think the PANTONE collaboration has potential for its own fashion/luxury phone line (MotoCOLR, AURA, whatever)...but let's wait and see.

Here's a cool unboxing video:

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