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Embracing the past to build a brighter future: the new EDGE family and my week in Buenos Aires

Last week was quite the week for me. I flew from Uruguay to Argentina for the launch of 3 very promising phones. Each of them will make an impact on the market, being for the specs or the style of these devices. But there's more than that. I didn't just travel to see new designs, or great cameras. I was there to meet most of the Moto family/friends for the first time after COVID-19. 

Trust me, I've been to around 10 Motorola launch events, and I think this was the most meaningful experience for me.

Here are a few of the highlights of my trip.

Motorola Argentina and LATAM team

I consider these people my extended family, or very close friends to say the least. I've known many of them for almost a decade, back from when I was a 19 year old kid with little clue of what to do with life (I mean, I still have no clue but I'm getting there). These people, specially the Motorola Argentina office and its PR and Marketing teams have been so cool to me.

I never have enough time to talk to them around launch events, because they are so busy making sure the event itself is perfect. But just being there and being invited by them is amazing. And, as the years go by, I became close friends with many of them, and we go off-topic for some spiritual beverages... and so we did this time.

Along that, I got to know some of the amazing Mexico team, since they were also there for this global launch event. Their love and appreciation for this brand is just as big as mine, and they were so nice and welcoming as well.

Not only that, what used to be one of my biggest dreams when I was a kid came true: I met the President of Motorola, Sergio Buniac. We were at the Motorola store for a press briefing before the official event, and he was there to talk about the new devices. After his presentation, I just had to jump in and introduce myself: "HI, I'M LITERALLY OBSESSED WITH MOTOROLA AND I LOVE THIS BRAND AND EVERYTHING YOU GUYS DO, I'M THE BIGGEST COLLECTOR AND I'M THE BIGGEST FAN AND I'M ABOUT TO PASS OUT BECAUSE I'M SO EXCITED".

It kinda went that way. In my mind, I was hoping I'd sound cooler, but I probably sounded like a crazy person hyperventilating. But he was still so cool about it and we chatted for a bit. It was awesome. I also got to meet some global and regional executives and they were also really nice and wanted to know more about my obsession with Moto and my collection.

Flagship store in Buenos Aires

One of the first things we did after we arrived and had a fancy wine tasting dinner, was visiting the flagship store for Motorola in Palermo, Buenos Aires. It felt like Disney World. Out of this world. I just didn't want to leave.

The store showcased the new devices, while also showing some of Moto History, something everyone appreciates. The Argentina time did it right by showing this. There's much more potential there, though. Most Moto offices should follow Moto AR doing this (Motorola is huge in Argentina, by the way).

Anyway, the store is beautifully designed, and it's got a huge mural presenting Motorola's most iconic devices, from the DynaTAC to StarTAC, V60, RAZR, Moto G, Moto X, Moto Z, RAZR 2019 and EDGE phones.

We (me and tons of journalists from Latin America that came in for this launch) got to play with the new EDGE 30 Ultra, Neo and Fusion there. More on that below.

Launch event

This was probably the biggest launch event I've been to. It was held in Colón Fábrica, a warehouse full of theatric scenography from the iconic Colón Theatre in Buenos Aires. It was a huge space with lots of things to see with different sections to experience some of the main features that these devices bring to the table.

And the devices presentation itself was so dope. It had everything from a music and dance show, to huge production with amazing displays and visuals. And though we had already seen and played with the phones earlier that day, it was definitely worth watching a thousand times. I'm glad Moto moved on from it's Google days and went back to being bold and cool. Ever since late 2016 they've been getting better and better in this. And these events are a testament of this.

The new devices

I know I'm biased. We are a fan community after all. You can't be a fan of anything without being a little subjective and biased. But these devices are mind-blowing, on paper and on the eye.

On paper, the EDGE 30 Ultra has the fastest processor, the fastest charging speeds and the largest camera sensor on a phone. In the whole industry. That's right. The EDGE 30 Fusion brings a similar package with flagship specs at a much lower price and a variety of colors.

And then there's the EDGE 30 Neo. I have to admit that I looked at it before they gave us the briefing and I underestimated the potential of this device. But then I heard it comes from a collaboration with PANTONE that brings exclusive colors. Then I realized it'll be sold as a compact premium phone at a very competitive price. It's a win for Motorola. Think of the Moto X4 or even the Moto KRZR (as a fashionable flagship back in the day), but better.

These devices will also come with more premium warranty options, recyclable packaging and it's packaging will also bring unique fragrances to make the experience even more luxurious. That's the old Motorola over there. Bring it on!

Actually, the only thing I dont't like that much about current Motorola is how they name their phones. It's a little messy with so many Es and Gs, and I think that having NEO as part of EDGE was a safe choice to make it be part of a known franchise, but it kinda cuts its wings. I think it deserved to be its own family. Think Moto NEO, Moto MINI or Moto COLOR.

Wrap up

I am just grateful for this experience. Those 5 days in Buenos Aires were awesome. Got to meet the man in charge of Moto. Got to see my Moto family/friends for the first time in a while. Got to see new cool devices. And got to see Moto embracing its past to build a sustainable, bold, and innovative future.

P.S.: Can't wait for you all to try these phones. I'll be definitely adding them to my collection soon. Maybe the RAZR 2022 before them, but hopefully before the end of the year. 

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