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Motorola Updates its history section

Motorola Mobility is very proud of its legacy and has its own dedicated section to share fun facts about its past. Now it has updated its history section for February. The new addition features three new cool throwbacks. Check them out:

Moto is celebrating the 15th anniversary of the iconic V70, which later inspired the AURA luxury phone.
In 2002 Motorola introduced the V70 cellular phone. The V70 phone's innovative shape, featuring a round display and rotating cover, marked Motorola's renewed focus on consumer-experience design.
It's also the tenth anniversary of the StarTAC III, a Korean-exclusive successor to the StarTAC.
In 2007 Motorola introduced the StarTACIII cellular phone in South Korea. The phone’s design built on the popularity of earlier Motorola StarTAC models, first launched in 1996.
Last but not least, it's the 55th anniversary of one of many space-race accomplishments.
A Motorola radio receiver on board American astronaut John Glenn's Mercury spacecraft received signals from Earth in 1962.
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