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This week in Moto: bad news, software updates and new products

We do this every week or so: a mega post telling you all the main Motorola news of the past week. A lot of things are going on in the Moto World, and it's an exciting time to be a Motorola fan. Are you ready for This Week In Moto!? Here we go...

Motorola is back, baby! Moto's CMO talked with Android Central about how we will see more Motorola than ever before. At the same time, we saw some social media accounts change back from Moto to Motorola, and we are very excited about that! More info here.

Android O. A new Android version was released and it brings many UI improvements, so you are probably wondering which phones will get it and which won't. We made a list for both: the ones that will get it and those which will not.

Power Pack Moto Mod. The latest Mod was already released in China. It features the same battery life as the Incipio one, but it measures 4.9mm and comes in a variety of colors. Its price will be $70.

Leaks. As you would expect, it was another week full of leaks, which we won't cover. We answer all the questions about the leaks here and we are asking Motorola to prevent further leaks.

Software updates. We saw the Moto Z Force get May's security patch last week. That was fast! Moto Z Play also got April's patch in Europe. Last but not least, the Moto X Force got the Nougat update in Latin America.

Moto M bundle. A new Moto M bundle might have been released in China. It features new packaging and JBL headphones. Looks neat!

MOTO G5 PLUS REVIEW: we reviewed the Moto G5 Plus to check if it still is an exceptional phone at an exceptional price. Of course it still is, but you can check out our full review here.

Bad times for Motorola Fans. We lost our facebook page and all of its followers. This affects both the community and this website. We need all of your support right now following our new page:
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