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Confirmed: six Motorola series this year!

You know we don't talk about leaks, but this one comes from a Motorola event and they are talking about their future plans to the media, so we are excited to share this piece of news. We are getting six series this year: Moto Z, X, M, G, E and C. Each of them will have their respective Plus, Play or Force versions. 

This comes straight out of the Moto G5 Plus launch in Malaysia in which Lenovo's mobile division showed a picture of all the Moto series coming this year. The best of it, is that it includes a Moto X. As you know, we haven't seen a Moto X since 2015, so this is exciting for fans. And according to the pic, it will be "Crafted to perfection".

We will share more details as soon as Motorola makes an announcement, but not before. In the meantime, stay tuned to our new page.

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