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New Moto M + headphones bundle released?

It seems there is a new version of the Moto M going around! The Moto M is a beautiful device that never left Asia and Eastern Europe, but still captivated our attention because of its premium design. There are silver and gold versions out there, but this time we are seeing a new packaging for it with a special bundle.

Motorola is offering JBL headphones with the Moto M right now, in a flat, wider package which looks dope. This is not the first bundle we've seen this year, as a Moto E3 + Motorola Pulse Max headphones bundle was released in the UK some time ago.

The Moto M features Android 6.0, a 5.5" 1080p screen, a 16MP camera  and 4GB of RAM running a Mediatek processor. The bundle comes straight out of China where the Moto M is a hit, so don't expect this to be released anywhere else.

Source: Weibo
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