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Goodbye Moto: The Motorola name is coming back to social media!

2016 till now will always be seen as an interesting time for Motorola fans, consumers and tech bloggers. From a marketing point of view, it's fascinating to see how companies are fast to adapt to changes and fan requests. And luckily, Lenovo listened to fan requests and decided to bring back the iconic brand this year. 

This interesting transition is slow, but we are seeing more and more of the Motorola name everywhere. The next step is to change back the social media names to Motorola (from Moto). The Moto names on social media were confusing for a number of reasons.

Moto means motorcycle in many countries and was never associated with Motorola. This affected social media followers/likes a lot last year. For instance, the Motorola US instagram account barely gained 5,000 followers since changing its name to Moto USA, and that's because people wouldn't associate the brand to its sub-brand.

Now, Motorola's full brand is coming back to countries like Georgia, Ukraine, Russia, Thailand and possibly Latin America in the coming weeks.

Are you excited for this comeback!? Let us know in the comments section.
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