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Is the Motorola ONE family good for Motorola?

September 2018 marked the release of the first Motorola ONE phone, a device which was futuristic, good for sales, but at the same time (personal opinion) lacked the iconic brand value Motorola offers. It just felt like a Huawei, Xiaomi or whatever and not a real Motorola device.

Then, a series of devices came, like the One Power, One Vision, One Action. All of them featured great features at an affordable price, also offering something I don't really care about, but I know many of you do, which is timely Android updates. This family felt like it was just released to capture some mass market share who don't really know about the value of the Motorola brand... and it kinda worked. The ONE family has proved to be a success in Latin America and Europe.

This feeling of lack of brand identity changed completely almost 12 months later, when the Motorola ONE Zoom was released. This is the higher end phone in this family, and does show the beautiful spirit or identity of the Motorola brand. I don't know if it's because of its beautiful colors, or the rear logo that lights up, but the phone is unlike any other member of the ONE family.

Today, Motorola released yet another ONE, the Macro. It's a phone sold for an incredibly low price, with a macro camera (with AI and other features). The Macro lacks this identity I was talking about, but again, this family is helping Motorola regain market share and make profits. In fact, the company is at its best financial situation in a decade.

What we can hope and should demand as fans, is that the ONE family's identity doesn't impact on the other Moto lines, so each different segment of the market can enjoy the best of both worlds. Although I'm using the ONE Zoom now, and I love it, there's nothing like the premium feeling of a Moto Z2, Z3, X4 or even a G7.

What do you think? Do you like this product family or would rather stick to a Moto G or Z?

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