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Meet the new Motorola ONE Vision

Hello Moto indeed! Motorola is back after some months of being quiet and fans are pretty excited about this new ONE Vision device.

As you can tell by its name, it features Android ONE, which means 3 years worth of security updates and the newest Android version at launch.

Also from its name, you may be wondering what VISION means... well it comes with a 6.3" 21:9 Full HD+ display, which will be excellent for watching films and YouTube videos. And it also comes with a HUUUUGEEEEEE 48MP camera with some AI and night vision features which will make your pictures look as sharp as they can.

All of this is powered by a Samsung Exynos processor and a 3,500mAH battery. Oh, and you don't have to worry about storage, as it comes with 128GB on board plus a microSD slot.

The ONE Vision launched in Latin America and will also come to Europe and Asia in the coming weeks. 

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