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Calm before the storm?

I do have to say that everything has been rather calm and/or boring in the Motorola world for the past few months. We did get a very nice-looking Moto G7 family, but Moto hasn't really interacted with its fans or launched a cool marketing campaign since at least September 2018 when it celebrated 90 years (and I still think they should have done more to celebrate back then).

But maybe, it's all just part of  a plan. That's why the title of this post is "Calm before the storm". Maybe, just maybe, something huge is coming. Something classic, yet innovative. Something retro, yet cutting-edge. 

Have this calm, or rather boring months happened before? Yes, it did happen. Back in 2009 before the DROID launched. Back in 2013 before the Moto X launched.

Is it history repeating? Only time will tell. 
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