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DREAM COME TRUE! I visited Motorola's headquarters

Some days ago, I accomplished something I had dreamt of since being a little kid. I remember being 11 and sending letters to Motorola asking to visit their headquarters and/or eventually work there. Well, 12 years later and I'm still the craziest fan in the world, and they know me, so I organized a quick visit to Chicago just to see how much Motorola is still in the windy city.

So I got into the Merchandise Mart. It's such a huge building with so much history. Went to the 18th floor and Moto's lobby was there. My tour started with some cool ads from the past and some Motorola History bits which you'll see below. Also got a nice chat with some Motorolans :)

Thanks, Motorola Mobility for making my dream come true and letting me in (and for all the cool stuff I was showed). Here are some nice pics for all the devoted fans out there who love Moto:

But I also wanted to see what else Chicago has to offer, so I went on Moto hunting throughout the city. You can see the Motorola Solutions building and the Motorola section in the Chicago History Museum, which is pretty dope:

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