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Remember when you only had 5.5MB of storage?

Remember that? You could only take 30 pictures and have like one or two mp3 songs. Nowadays, phones come with at least 32/64GB storage and we still have the same problem. Even 128GB phones run out of memory.

But maybe that's because we don't keep the best like we did before. Now we keep everything, even if it's boring content, or duplicates, or memes we will never use again.

Anyway, just wanted to talk about the days of the 2004-2006 Moto phones that had little memory and we had to "hack" them to delete carrier files and stock ringtones. That would allow the phones to have 7.8MB. So crazy!

There was an extreme hack that would make the RAZR V3 get up to 10MB of storage. That's even crazier.

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