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Motorola posts Q3 2017 earnings and increase in revenue!

Motorola Solutions released its third quarter financial results some hours ago. The company reported sales of $1.65B, a 7% increase in revenue, with product sales up 24% compared to the previous year.

The Chicago-based company also reported earnings of $423M which equals to a 25.7% operating margin, or earnings per share of $1.53 dollars. The company is expected to report revenue growth of 5% for 2017. Motorola is currently trading for $90+ in the New York Stock Exchange, being the highest price Motorola shares have reached in over ten years.

Motorola Solutions provides public-safety and business solutions to companies and government agencies across the world. The company has around 20,000 employees and is worth $14.6B dollars. Motorola Solutions is the legal successor to Motorola, Inc., while Motorola Mobility was the result of the spin-off of the mobile division.

If you want to learn more about Motorola Solutions, check its dedicated product section we did, here.
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