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This week in MOTO: Moto Z 2018, financial results, hellomoto ringtone 2017

Photo: Rob Watkins 

This Week in Moto Mega-Post will cover most of the last two week's news in the Motorola fans world. We do this every other week, and quite a lot happened this week in the Motorola world, from the release of a new Moto Z 2018 to the release of the financial results. Enjoy!

Moto Z 2018 is OFFICIAL! launched last week, Motorola launched a luxury Moto Z2 for China, called the Z 2018. It's basically the Moto Z2 Force for the country, with some gold accents. Check it out here.

Vote for the best designed Motorola phone of all time: you can STILL vote in this poll. The results will be in soon, so we hope you make a smart decision. VOTE!

OCTOBER discounts: We do this summary every month. Check out some of the best global Motorola discounts here.

Why choose Motorola? we were on a treat last week, with a great article about the advantages of buying Motorola devices. Check it out.

Motorola Q3 financial results! Motorola is doing great! Here are the financial results released last Thursday, which show Motorola increased in both product and services sales. Motorola Solutions also announced the 3.5 millionth TETRA radio shipped and released a special edition to celebrate it.

Hellomoto buzz... We made a compilation of the Hellomoto 2017 ringtones released, which are all remixed by us. You can grab them here.

More Moto news: here is the top 5 pics of the week taken by users from all over the world. We also posted the Motorola Networking financial results, which are also pretty good. Oh, and get ready India fans, as the Moto X4 is launching next week in the country!

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