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Hellomoto Ringtones 2017 downloads!

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Motorola included a new ringtone called "Moto" which tries to bring back the old, iconic Hellomoto ringtone. The new version sounds great, but it doesn't come close to the original.

I decided to make some new versions mixing the best elements of the old ringtone with music from Motorola advertisements from this year. The result? An updated Hellomoto ringtone collection that's both old and current. Enjoy!

HelloMoto 2017 RINGTONE

Download it here (or here).

HelloMoto 2017 (Moto G5s Remix) [DOWNLOAD|DESCARGA]

HelloMoto 2017 (Moto X4 Remix) [DOWNLOAD|DESCARGA] 
HelloMoto 2017 (Moto Z Remix) [DOWNLOAD|DESCARGA]
Here's the Hello Moto voice that sounds awesome as notification sound: download.

How to Install/Set as ringtones:
Place the ringtone in the Ringtone folder of your phone's memory. And Place the notifications sound in the Notifications folder. The audios will immediately appear in the sound settings tab.

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