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This week in Moto: Moto E4, new accessories, and interview with Martin Cooper

We do one of these mega-posts once a week. This time, we might have taken a bit more than a week. Anyway, a lot happened in the Moto world this month, so here's a big recap of everything going on with our beloved brand...

We interviewed the legendary Martin Cooper! He opened up about how exciting times were at Motorola back in the day and how he has remained loyal to the brand. You can read the full interview here.

We interviewed a fan who has Autism. And we got Moto to reach out to her and send her some love! Droydlynn is one of the biggest fans out there and her love for Motorola has helped her deal with her Autism. Check it out here.

Some cool stuff going on with Moto! Motorola is redesigning some of its websites to new layout. Some new cool videos about an upcoming event have emerged online too. And of course, the awesome Brand Journey video was published and it's a must watch for the biggest fans! Speaking of the brand, Motorola is now everywhere, making the cover of the most important newspapers in the world. Oh, and the Moto Z is $200 off for a limited time. The Z turned one year old last week, by the way, and it got a new software update!

Moto E4 coverage: Motorola announced the new E4 series this week. You can check out the announcement, full specs of the E4 and E4 Plus, some cool promo pics and some information about its software experiences.

Two launch events coming next week! There's a launch event on the 21st in Brazil, where the worldwide launch of the Z2 Play happened. But there's also a global launch on the 27th, in which the next Moto Z with Dual-Cameras is expected to be announced.

New accessories. There's a new charger with the latest Turbo Power. Plus, there are some new outdoor products and wearables. Last but not least, Motorola Accessories had a huge presence at CES Asia, where it launched the amazing Luxury Pulse Max which comes in black and gold, revived the iconic MAXX brand for some wireless headphones, and launched the new Earbuds Metal.
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