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Editorial: Mediatek Moto phones and software updates...

There's a big misconception out there regarding Mediatek processors. We've got so used to the great Snapdragon processors that everything that isn't from Qualcomm seems low-end or really bad quality. And it shouldn't be like that.

Why? The Moto M just got the Nougat update. It was expected, but it was also unexpected, as many users were thinking they would not receive any software update ever, because we all think Mediatek processors and software updates don't get along well. 

A similar case happened in 2013, when Motorola launched the RAZR D1 and D3 in Latin America. They shipped with Android Jelly Bean, and they got updated to KitKat shortly after, even if no one believed they would.

Of course it doesn't mean anything, but it could also make people see the Moto C and Moto E4 (non-US versions) in a more positive light, as many initial comments about both phones pointed this out. Those thinking they won't get new Android versions or software updates if they own a Mediatek-powered phone should think twice.

Kudos to Moto for updating the gorgeous Moto M. Users will stop thinking Mediatek sucks. Of course Mediatek doesn't come close to Qualcomm processors, but they are powerful, efficient and are actually able to get updates now.

Have a nice weekend, y'all!

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