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The Motorola VERVE Cam+ is finally available!

Motorola Accessories announced its VerveLife brand in June 2016. Since then, we saw new versions of the critically-acclaimed headphones, though very little has been known about the then-announced VerveCam+, until now.

The Cam+ was supposed to be the star of the VerveLife range, though it never got released until now. The device has finally been listed on Amazon, and we know its pricing now. The VerveCam+ allows live streaming and video recording at 2.5K. It's a waterproof device (up to 25m) and you can even control it from your smartphone.

You can get it right now through Amazon, and soon  at the website, and its price is of $109 dollars, which is lower than the estimated price of $299 we were expecting last year. This is a great camera for youtubers, social media lovers, and a great Go-Pro alternative.
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