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This week in Moto: new phone coming soon, concepts and new layout!

We do this every week or so. We do a mega post telling you all the main Motorola news of the last week. A lot of things are going on in the Moto World, and it's an exciting time to be a Motorola fan. Are you ready for This Week In Moto?

We got redesigned!
This is a big deal for all of us. Our community website just got bigger and better. New design, faster user experience, more fun to read articles and... now in German and Spanish. 
The first article to come out of this is a German-written analysis of the Motorola brand over the years. It's a must read! Oh, and Motorola itself is also redesigning some of its websites. This includes a dedicated one for phone cases and its official blog being renamed from MotoBlog to Motorola Blog.

The next Moto phone might come this month!
Uma Karina, the hellomoto girl as many of you call her, is shooting a new advertisement with Motorola. You know what that means, don't you? New ad, new phone! 
It's also nice to see Moto is promoting sports and music events all over the world, like this DJ Marshmello concert in Indonesia.

Celebrities love the RAZR
Charli XCX, the singer from Fancy, Boom Clap and Break the Rules is a Motorola fan! She is begging Motorola on Twitter to release a new RAZR phone. She promises all of us will go crazy and she's right. 
We love Motorola history very much too, so we made a little post telling you the most relevant Moto facts in a fun way. 

Motorola Solutions everywhere
The business and public-safety side of Motorola is getting bigger, with new acquisitions to expand its services and many new solutions for civilian safety, like a site to report and watch all the crimes going on in the US.

This week is full of concepts. There are Moto X concepts, a Moto Z in colors concept, and concepts from Motorola itself.
One of them is an LED Moto Mod, there's also a Tablet Dock Mod and a Polaroid Moto Mod. Oh, and a really old, unreleased concept from 2011.

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