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Lenovo/Motorola had 5.9% market share in Q4

Fergie looks happy in the classic Moto ad. And so are we with this recent report. It comes straight from Lenovo's Egypt director, Sharif Salem who said Motorola is #4 globally excluding China and has 5.9% market share. The company shipped 15.9 million phones in Q4 according to him, including 2 million Moto Zs.

The Motorola brand is #3 in Egypt with 7% market share. It's also 22% of the market in both UAE and Brazil. That's huge! But it's also great to know its global market share is that big. It hasn't been this big in many years!

The Motorola brand has been re-launched in many markets in the last few months, with the Middle East being one of them.


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