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Motorola Signature Series: all I know

It's a bit disappointing that so little is known about one of Motorola's most exciting product ranges for 2017. The Motorola Signature Series were announced in January and are a collection of retro speakers with Wi-Fi, FM Radios, and some even play CDs. The products were shown at CES and MWC, yet it seems the press missed Motorola Home & Accessories booth at both trade fairs. 

I've been collecting all the information I could about these products and I've been promoting them ever since. In this post I'll try to share all I can about these new products.

There are five retro speakers.

I did find out there are five retro speakers. Each of them named after the Galvin Family, who founded the Galvin Manufacturing Corporation in 1928. That was the original name of Motorola, in case you didn't know. 

They are feature-packed.

These five products are made out of premium wood and come in different sizes with different features. All of them offer Bluetooth and Wi-Fi so you can play music from the cloud instantly. One of them plays CDs and comes with an FM radio. Another one plays LPs/Vinyls while others read SD cards. All of them come with powerful HD audio.

Here's a picture from the CES booth where you can see all the collection together. It's sad that so little is known about one of Motorola's most exciting products for 2017. Can anyone confirm a release date, please? We are EXCITED!

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