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Motorola and Sprint show Gigabit LTE prototype

Sprint held an event today along with Qualcomm and Motorola to show off some of the carrier's projects. One of these projects is running on a yet to be announced Motorola phone. Now, this isn't a leak, since Moto itself showed off this prototype so that reporters could see the insane speeds of this device. Nothing else from it was shown and the device was all covered in tape.

This means Sprint is getting its first Motorola device in four years, following what Moto executives said about the brand would having a wider availability in the US this year. So Verizon won't be the exclusive carrier anymore.

AndroidHeadlines got to test the device speeds, and it gets up to 800Mbps speeds, which is insane. Sprint is using a variety of networks and frequencies  to make this the fastest LTE network in the country.

It's nice to see Motorola still innovating in these fields. Networking has always been a big deal to the company, so we are excited for this!

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