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Moto Z vs Galaxy S8: all you need to know

Samsung released the Galaxy S8 today, which the company is hyping for its large screen and its ability to power a desktop computer (like the Motorola Atrix from 2011). A lot of fans and consumers might be wondering how it compared to Motorola's flagship, the Moto Z. Here's a comparison of the two:

Specs comparison for lazy people

The Samsung phone comes with a larger screen at a smaller size.  It offers a 5.8" screen vs a 5.5" screen. The Moto Z is 3mm thinner than the S8, though, and it's also a lighter device.  The S8 comes with IP68 protection while the Z comes with Motorola Splashguard. Given that the S8 is a newer phone, it comes with the latest processor, the 835 vs the 820. Both come with Android Nougat, but the Moto Z offers a Pure Android experience with no bloatware.

The rear-camera on the Z is a bit larger, while the S8 comes with a larger front-facing camera. The battery on the Samsung device is bigger, but there's also more screen to power, so they are equal in this field. 

Innovation comparison for those who care

Both devices are marketed to offer key innovative features. The Galaxy flagship offers a desktop-experience when attaching your phone into a dock, that will power a screen to make it seem like you are using a real desktop. Motorola did this 6 years ago, with the lapdock interface.

Samsung also marketed its big screen-to-body ratio as a key innovation. It's a curved screen that looks nice and takes full advantage of the front of the device. Is this a big game changing feature, though? I don't think it is. It's just a larger screen. 

What about the MotoMods? Now that's innovation. The MotoMods platform allows the back of your phone to give you endless possibilities. You want a better camera? You can have it. You want a physical keyboard? It's ready. You want a barcode scanner for your business? Done. Want your phone to be the DJ at the party? You can do it.

The Moto Z is a flagship phone indeed, but it's not about the phone anymore. And that's something people will see later this year. It's all about the ecosystem and how the Mods can amplify your experience. Thanks to the Mods, the first generation Moto Z will remain as a capable device for many years. Because different is better.

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