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Motorola introduces ACElogic

Motorola Solutions released its new Internet of Things ACElogic software solution this week. As you know, Motorola Solutions is the business/industry side of Motorola, which releases products and services for governments and businesses.

ACElogic is a portal in which you can customize and automate actions without the need of code editing. You can automate tasks related to time, date, things to do and more. The portal syncs with the connected devices that do these tasks. Motorola's software does the magic here. 

The company showed off its software in a newly released Youtube video. The demonstration shows how you can automate water irrigation for agriculture and easily modify it whenever the company feels it's right (fun fact: Motorola is the leading water irrigation provider in the world). But it can automate any other industrial equipment.

Check out this video to see how this IOT solution enables automation for companies/businesses that need to do these tasks in a more efficient way:

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