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The New Motorola VerveLoop and Dash Cam

Motorola Accessories, a Binatone Global division, released its newest products in the UK. One is a smart camera for vehicles and the other one is the newest addition to the VerveLife range. 

The Motorola Dash Cam is a camera designed for cars, with a 2.7" LCD screen, a microSD card slot, 1080p video recording and a 120° viewing angle lens. Dash Cams come in handy for police or insurance companies when the driver has an accident, so the camera records everything. It comes in Black, Silver and Pink. 

The Motorola VerveLoop (non "+" version) is the latest addition to the VerveLife range. It follows the footsteps of the VerveOnes ME, offering a similar feature set at a lower price. It still offers HD audio and water resistance, but it's 40-50% cheaper than the VerveLoop+. 

You can get the new headphones through Argos and soon other retailers in Europe. Both products will be released globally and made available at in the coming weeks.

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