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Moto G5 first unboxing pops up online

The first Moto G5 unboxing video and pictures have popped up online. It comes from a Brazilian reviewer and we can now see the beautiful green box in all its glory!

Motorola is getting playful with its batwing and the box includes a parrot behind it. The whole box is green and you can see the Motorola name being mentioned multiple times in it, which goes in line with the new strategy in which the iconic brand will be "revived". Lenovo also shows it owns Motorola, by including the "a Lenovo Company" under the Motorola name. 

Motorola: a Lenovo Company logo is now shown on the box

Motorola name also being shown on the side sticker

It's such a beautiful box!

There's not much else to say about it, it's just a beautiful box to stare at. Enjoy!

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