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This MotoMod turns your Z into a Gaming Console

One of the ideas for the MotoMods Challenge is called GameOn. It's being developed by Mexican finalist, Pablo Cariño, and the idea behind it is to turn your Moto Z into a truly portable game console.
Don't you hate how uncomfortable and tiring is to play games on your mobile? how your screen has always, at least, 2 fingers covering part of it? Wouldn't you love to see more of what you're doing, and feel that you are using a regular controller? With extra buttons that act as triggers for whatever you want them to be, and an ergonomic design that fits the shape of your hand, The GameOn Mod is designed to solve all this problems, and potentially more!
He thought of this idea after noticing Android has all the amazing graphics to make it a great experience, but the devices don't have the comfortability to be an actual gaming console. What do gaming devices need? Real buttons! This Mod comes with four buttons that you can set up for any game to act the way you want. Check out this 3D render video of how the Mod would look like:

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