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Moto Z Renew Concept Phone

Another day, another Moto Z concept. This time, I was looking back at previous Moto initiatives that actually helped the world become a better place. I've already shown you my RED concept phone, and now I would like to show you the RENEW concept.

The original RENEW was born in 2009. Announced at CES, the W233 RENEW was a phone made from plastic bottles with its packaging made from recycled paper and vegetable-based ink. The phone was certified CarbonFree for the lack of carbon dioxide in the whole manufacturing process. 

It was a low-end phone with 2GB of memory and an MP3 player. It did come with Motorola's Crystal Talk technology for supreme audio quality and a big battery like low-end phones have.

So the Moto Z RENEW concept is born. A phone that follows the environmental-friendly footsteps of the W233 but it's actually a capable smartphone. People love helping our planet and they also love special editions, so it could be good for Moto to do something like this. 

It's a simple idea, in which at least 25% of the phone would have to be made from recycled plastic and metal, while trying to get the CarbonFree certification once again. The frame of the device could be made from recycled metal while the back of this concept (which would be a special edition of the Moto Z Play) could be made from recycled plastic bottles instead of Gorilla Glass. 

User guides and the box of the phone would be made from recycled paper and use vegetable ink to ensure minimum environmental impact. The Z RENEW can also follow the original W233's recycling tradition and come with a post-paid envelope in which you can place your old phone and send it to Motorola so it gets recycled. 

The recycled aluminum frame would come in a lime/green-ish color while some of the phone's accents would also get the same treatment. The back, made by plastic bottles would also get the green treatment. It's a green phone...literally. 

Check out some pictures of this concept right here:

Using Lenovo's "Different is Better" slogan but making it fit the RENEW campaign.

What do you think about it? Would you buy a phone that doesn't harm our planet?
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