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Seven days to the next Moto launch

Last time I posted that creepy Samara picture, Motorola was seven days away from launching the Moto Z. Now, we are exactly seven days away from the next Moto launch. 

As you know, Lenovo and Motorola are about to launch a new Moto phone (or phones) on the 26th in Barcelona, on the heels of Mobile World Congress 2017. It's the first launch since the Moto M and quite a lot has leaked about the upcoming phone, but we won't talk about them. We think they ruin surprises and not necessarily create hype. 

But let's take a moment to look back at some memorable Mobile World Congress launches from the last ten years. Motorola always released all its flagship products at CES in the US, since that was its most important market, so MWC was left with a few less-important launches. 

Ten years ago, in 2007, the RIZR Z8 was launched. The phone was called the "Media Monster" by the company itself. With a 2.2" QVGA and a 2MP camera, the phone offered up to 32GB microSD space (a first on a mobile phone) and high quality video-playback thanks to its 16 million color screen. The Moto Q9 and KRZR K3 were launched too, the former becoming Moto's flagship smartphone that year while the latter added HSDPA to the KRZR series. 

In 2008 and 2009, Motorola captured everyone's attention during CES shows, while MWC saw no relevant launches. In 2010 though, the Quench was launched. It was a mid-range smartphone running MotoBlur which came with a 3.2" screen and a single-core processor. Remember the Quench?

The next relevant launch was in 2012, in which three devices were launched: the MotoLUXE, the Defy Mini and the Gleam+. The Gleam was one of the last feature phones Motorola ever released, while the Defy Mini was an affordable water-resistant phone. The LUXE was a mid-range phone with an 8MP camera, a huge LED light and an 800Mhz processor.

This makes us realize Motorola hasn't launched anything at MWC since 2012! A lot has happened since then but one thing is certain... all the other brands got a call from Moto saying "Seven Days".
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