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Moto Z (RED) concept phone

Before you understand what this concept phone is about, you can learn more about RED here. RED is a campaign/organization founded by U2 ten years ago, which fights AIDS collecting funds through its partners. These partners include Apple, Converse, Coca Cola, and many other popular brands, which release red editions of their products to increase awareness. With each RED product sold, these companies donate a large portion to the campaign. 

Ten years ago, Motorola became one of these partners, and released RED editions of the RAZR, SLVR, and KRZR. Motorola sold thousands of these products and even had the packaging made in a small village in Africa, helping that community grow. Bono promoted this collaboration in many charity events.

Ten years later, I can't get this concept out of my head. Manufacturers always release special editions, so it's not impossible for Motorola and Lenovo to release a RED Moto Z. 

With a red-painted frame and some cool red accents, a percentage of the profit could go to the organization and help fight AIDS. Plus, the Z looks amazing in red. How cool would it be if it was real? Check it out:

BONUS: Different is red.

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