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Motorola celebrates 3 years in India with offers and discounts!

It's been three years since Motorola came back to the Indian market. If you don't remember what happened, here's a small recap: Google bought Motorola in 2012 and announced immediate restructuring making Motorola leave most of its markets, even the ones it was successful. This plan was to save costs for a couple months until the new products were launched and it immediately came back to those markets.

That comeback had a lot of hype, since the Moto G had just been released and India didn't have affordable phones that performed well at the time. The Moto G was released in February 2014 in India and it became a best-seller straight away. India became Motorola's top 3 most important market and a large portion of the fans from our community and the readers of this website come from India.

Three years later, Motorola wants to celebrate this success with some incredible discounts and deals. They'll be available starting February 20th on and the deals include up to Rs 20,000 off when you trade an old smartphone (available to all Moto phones sold), the Moto E3 Power lowered to Rs 7,499 and the Moto G Turbo priced at Rs 8,999. 
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