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Solar Energy-powered Motorola Radio Released

Another great new gem from the Motorola Home business was released. Right now it's an Amazon exclusive, but you'll be seeing this -and other products like these- in all major US retailers this year.

This is the new Motorola MWR800 radio. It's a capable outdoors device that includes Weather/AM/FM frequencies in a portable design. It's also a torch and can act as a power bank thanks to its USB port. You'll be able to charge your phone or any device by connecting it to that port.

But the greatest thing of this product is its ability to charge through solar energy (or by the traditional charging method). Very few devices do that, and it's nice that a radio/torch/power-bank can do it. In fact, the top of the device is a large panel that will allow this to happen.

You can get the MWR800 on Amazon for 30 bucks right now.
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