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[Exclusive] RARE early-in-the-making Motorola Z8 and Z10 prototypes in the wild

Motorola's MOTORIZR Z8 and his successor the Z10 were launched long time ago, however, we haven't had the chance to see with our own eyes how much effort Motorola invested in creating this models and design them - until today.

Both devices are 'kick-slider' smartphone running UIQ 3.1 on Symbian 9.2

Recently we got a sneak peak to the real deal - Motorola's RIZR Prototypes Z8 (Codename: Espoo) and Motorola Z10 [ Codename: Helsinki] both codenames are referring to cities in Finland which is no surprise as the development of this devices  took place in the EU territory [ Germany] where all the software development took place in creating this "all-new" Symbian based OS [ The Z8 was Motorola's first Symbian phone since many years ]

Looking at this devices, you can immediately notice that the design was one of the most eye-catching aspects of both Z8 and Z10 and as we can see from the pictures below, there has been a lot of work in the design along the way of the product cycle, Motorola's engineers and designers had to pick the right Color, Design, Hardware and especially the appropriate Keypad structure.

 In terms of color, we can see a very early Z8 prototype in green RAZR'is keypad, another mysterious shiny Z8 All-Black edition that eventually didn't make it to the market, another red Z8 prototype which ended up to be a "Ferrari edition" and lastly an early Z10 prototype in gray color and special keypad - both changed, in accordance, to a shiny chrome and a more solid keypad in the GA release.

So what you can find on these prototypes? aside from several Motorola testing tools and  special debug modes there are some special HW changes in CPU and memory and some major software changes that dropped from the GA devices.

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