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The freaking Motorola DEFY is back in 2021

Motorola just relaunched a very exciting product from 2010: the DEFY. This phone was launched as durable dust, water and shock-proof smartphone back in the day, and some variants were released until 2012: DEFY mini, DEFY+, DEFY XT, DEFY Pro.

And now, it's back! Thanks to Motorola's new partnership with rugged products manufacturer Bullitt, a new phone was just launched under this nostalgic brand.

Here's the phone description and a cool ad:

The motorola defy works hard no matter where your day takes you. Dust-proof, waterproof and drop-proof, it’s been tried and tested to the extreme so it really is everyday proof. 

Take sharper, brighter photos in any conditions thanks to the 48MP sensor with Quad Pixel technology, perfect for sunrise or sunset shots and anything in between. Plus you’ll never have to miss a moment with 2 days battery life on a single charge. 

It's got all the power you need, and 4GB of memory, so you’re ready for anything. This is the phone for people who defy everyday and demand a phone that does the same. 

Available in Forged Green or Black with a sleek, textured design making it more grippy, and a detachable lanyard wrist strap to anchor it to your hand and reduce the chance of dropping it, attach it whenever it might come in handy.

As you can see, it's a mid to low end phone, but it's very exciting to see DEFY coming back. I might get one.
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