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Motorola launches new TVs and home appliances in India

Maybe we are little slow with these news, but it's still something cool to share. As you know, Motorola has a dedicated business that licenses its brand to other companies so they can develop and sell products using the Motorola brand.

Over the years, we got baby and home monitors, accessories, home networking products, home phones, car accessories and a lot more. 

Now, Motorola is launching many cool home products in India, like air conditioners, washing machines and refrigerators.

These products will be sold exclusively on Flipkart and right now there are 19 items listed under Motorola home appliances.
I think this is really cool: it lets the brand be part of people's lives a lot more and if successful, it will allow Moto to explore even more categories and maybe expand this business to other countries.

There are also new TVs launched in India with Moto's branding. The new Motorola Revou series come in different sizes and loaded with Android TV.

These are marketed as incredibly thin devices with Dolby speakers, Mediatek processors and 2GB of RAM. The 43'' model sells for around 420 dollars, which I think is a decent price.

You can find out more about Motorola Televisions here and home appliances here.

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