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The Motorola RAZR is here and it's fan tas tic!!

Photo: Android Authority

Say hello to the future of phones. Sometimes you have to look back to redefine yourself. It's time to say HELLOMOTO.

Motorola launched the RAZR yesterday in a cool event in Los Angeles, which had lots of celebrities, influencers and even Diplo as a DJ. Huge screens showed videos of the iconic and original RAZR V3 while transforming into the new RAZR.

Shortly after that, Moto announced what we had been waiting. The new RAZR comes with a 6.2" foldable screen, 6GB of RAM and a 16MP camera. What's great about it is its design, foldable screen, and the fact that it even comes with a retro mode that turns the UI into the 2004 UI Motorola phones had...P2K UI, remember?

The RAZR will launch globally in January or February, while also in the US in January. Thank you Motorola for this wonderful release. You left us all speecheless.

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