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The day has come... worth the wait

It's hard not to talk about RAZR when you are talking about Motorola or the history of the mobile industry. The gold standard for the 2000s really changed the way we see and use these personal devices, and really was one of the first phones to really focus on marketing and visual identity.

RAZR is one of the main reasons I became a Motorola fan in 2006. Eveyone had one at the time. I didn't, but I wanted one. Motorola quickly became the air I breathe every day and the biggest obsession in my life. It's not a healthy relationship but I don't regret a single day.

But it was because of RAZR and its marketing surrounding the product that I got to admire this company so much. I remember being 13 years old, drawing RAZR prototypes and their fictional marketing campaigns. And it was so much fun!

But now the day has come. 15 years later and this brand still lives and represents a lot to a whole generation, but also to newer generations of curious hearts.

I hope November 13th does justice to the brand. I hope this new phone has soul. And I really hope Motorola puts their heart and soul into making it the it-product of the upcoming decade.

Motorola must do it right. For their fans who never left, for 2000s lovers who waited for it and for the mobile industry to stop focusing on unimportant features and designs and to start pushing for disruption.


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