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We are now Motorola Lovers

We have gone through significant changes over the last year or so. When I created this website and the social media fanpages back in 2017, I never expected it would grow so much. In 18 months, 2.5 million people have visited this site and I've been reached out by many fans around the world, asking for questions, giving feedback, or simply telling their stories about their love for Motorola.

Our original name was Motorola Fans. This named suited us very well and it was an easy way for people to know the aim of our community. This was also because we were partners with another fan community, also named Motorola Fans. Due to big differences in the way of approaching to fans and content posting, we parted ways, but for a year or so, we both kept the same name.

This was very hard to understand, and since the other fan community posts leaks, 18+ content and lots of criticism, we sometimes got in trouble for things they were doing, and that's not fair.

So I want to welcome you to Motorola Lovers. We love Moto no matter what, giving constructive criticism when needed and always posting high quality content.

Hope you enjoy!

Find us at:

Felipe Berhau
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