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Thank you, Jan Huckfeldt

I would like to dedicate this article to Motorola's former CMO, Jan Huckfeldt. He was in charge of the Marketing and Communications team for the last two years and recently left the company.

In his two years as CMO, Motorola regained half of its name it had lost, and with this came an increase in brand recognition it has lost over the years. In these years, Motorola became a cool, fun brand, visually, and a brand that started to care about its rich history once again.

But that's not all, Jan is one of those cool cases of people in big roles within a company that take time to listen to consumers, specially crazy, annoying fans like me (and I can be annoying as hell).

In the midst of the whole "Lenovo Moto" nightmare, in which I went crazy and started bombarding every Lenovo and Motorola employee from the US, UK, Argentina, Brazil and China, I e-mailed Jan explaining my view as the biggest Motorola fan in the world and how certain brand elements could co-exist with that current strategy.

I told him about our love for the batwing logo, for the brand's full name, and how Motorola's marketing material had always shown 11:35AM on the product's screen until 2016 when it was changed to something else (11:35AM was the time Martin Cooper made the first mobile phone call on April 3rd, 1973).

He soon replied, agreeing with many of the things I wrote about, and those later came into reality. And that's so fascinating, because you'd never expect any company's CMO reply an e-mail to you, and let alone apply many of those suggestions.

Since then, we exchanged e-mails from time to time, but as time passed by, Motorola's marketing material/decisions were so right and great that there was nothing else to suggest anymore: the full brand name came back in 2017, the batwing took a central role on marketing, 11:35 came back to all marketing material, and they even brought HelloMoto back from the dead. It was all just perfect!

There are three main reasons why I love Motorola: marketing/visuals, product design and heritage. Under Jan's leadership, the marketing decisions and care for the company's heritage were all I could dream about. These were definitely the most exciting years to be a fan.

So thanks for everything, Jan. We hope you have lots of success with your next projects and we will always look back at these crazy years and remember your great leadership.

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