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Photo by: @sunniton
Motorola has a great history of innovation and design. From the edge of the RAZR V3 to the groundbreaking DROID, to the thinnest phone in the world, the Moto Z, each new flagship phone from the Chicago-based company has changed the mobile phone industry's design standards.

But now YOU will be the judge. It's YOUR turn to vote for the best designed Motorola flagship phone of recent years, since the Moto X 2014 to the latest Moto Z2 series. 

Will the modular Moto Z win? Or what about the sexy Moto X Style? Or perhaps, the powerful Droid Turbo?

What's the best designed Motorola flagship?

Moto X (2014)
Droid Turbo
Moto X Style/Pure
Moto X Force
Moto Z (2016)
Moto Z2 (2017)
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