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Moto Z2 Force Tips and Tricks you shouldn't miss before buying it!

Motorola launched the Moto Z2 Force in the USA last week and it's reaching other countries worldwide in the coming weeks. It's the biggest Motorola release in years and it will be available everywhere. Moto is pushing really hard for this modular, shatterproof phone to be a big hit, but before you buy it, there are certain things you need to know.

Screen Protector

Several reports state that the Moto Z2 Force screen scratches easily. This is true, due to the technology used to make the screen shatterproof. Instead of using glass, it uses plastic layers so it will scratch more than regular phones. That's the cost of having a screen that will never shatter.

The main solution is to get a screen protector for this phone, which can be a Tempered Glass one or a regular one.

Claim Your free Moto Mod

This is a US-only promo right now, but if you live in the States and get a Moto Z2 Force, Motorola will send you a free Insta Share Projector, which trades for around $300 dollars. This is a great promotion you shouldn't miss.

TurboPower 30

Motorola's flagship comes with the TurboPower 15 charger, which is nice, but if you wanna take things to another level you should get the high-speed TurboPower 30 charger, sold here (special offer, buy one, get two). 

The Moto Z2 Force has an all-day battery life according to most reviewers, but there may be some power users that need to charger their phones quickly, and this charger will be twice as fast than the one that comes in the box.

Wash Your Style Shells

We told you before the Moto Z series are clean and can be kept bacteria-free unlike most other phones. This is due to you being able to wash the back of the Style Shells every time you come home after a long day. This way, your Moto won't be so dirty.

It might some dumb, but your Z will actually feel better in the hand you will really feel your phone doesn't have germs.

Buy the Black version

Gold phones look luxurious and cool, but there's a trade off: it isn't really gold, it's just a paint job over the aluminum. Under that gold look, there's silver, and with time, let's say 8 months to a year, the gold will start to come off. This will happen to most gold phones, not just the Moto Z2 Force. After a few months, the parts of the phone you hold the most will start looking darker and soon after the gold paint will be missing in a few spots.

So a personal advice is to get the silver version, which is always better than the gold one since silver is the natural color and will always look like this.

Install the old Motorola Gallery

The Moto Gallery is an amazing discontinued app that will never be seen in Motorola phones again, but you can still install it. Let's face it, Google Photos sucks, and we need a real gallery app. Here's the one Motorola used until 2015.

Download it here.

Correctly plug in your Moto Mods

It's a metal phone, and metal can scratch easily. The Moto Mods come with some pins on the back and some of them are sharp and can scratch the back of your phone. 

From personal experience, The heavier battery Mods can cause some scratches if you don't remove them correctly. Playing around with your Style Shell, like swapping it in and out multiple times per hour can also scratch the Moto phone. 

It's the larger middle pin that when trying to fit in that middle connector can cause some damage to the metal back. Be careful when plugging your Mods.

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