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Hasselblad True Zoom Review

Front of Hasselblad True Zoom

Review by DroydLynn Katherine Mann. Thanks @MotorolaUS for the Hasselblad Mod!

The Hasselblad True Zoom was one of the Moto Mods that was released with the original Moto Z smartphones. It is a camera attachment with a Zoom lens for the Moto Z's. It has a 25-250mm zoom lens, which is the equivalent of an old fashioned 35mm camera. It turns your Moto Z into a 35mm camera, just without the need for rolls of film.

Hasselblad True Zoom attached to Moto Z Force
The Hasselblad True Zoom allows you to use the usual settings in the Moto Z camera app, but also has some features that are exclusive to the Hasselblad True Zoom. It allows Color JPEG, Black & White JPEG, and Color+RAW, as well. The Hasselblad True Zoom is a good option for photographers that don't want to carry a DSLR and multiple lenses for it. With Moto Z's you can use manual settings, such as aperture, ISO, Macro, lighting, and White Balance

The Hasselblad being used in this review was used by my Moto Z Force Droid Edition, which is only available in the USA, but the other Moto Z's should have similar results.

Here is the Hasselblad Mod menu:

It has the same settings you would find in a separate digital camera, such as a Canon or Nikon, but you don't have to change lenses.

Here is a sample photo of Black&White:

Petunia in B&W

Macro is fairly decent, it isn't perfect, but still works well.
Here is a sample of a Macro shot:


The Hasselblad True Zoom does well in low light, I was able to take a sunrise photo with it, using Manual settings in my Moto Z Force's Professional Mode. Sunset and sunrise photos turn out better with manual settings, due the unique style of lighting and colours in the sky.

Beautiful sunrise over looking the yard

Landscape photos are beautiful too. I have found that landscape photos are a great highlight of using the Hasselblad True Zoom.

Blue Heron in Lake Wawasee, Indiana

Chicago, Illinois (Home of Motorola)

Elkhart River in Elkhart, Indiana

The Xenon Flash works very well in low light. I also use it when I am in overcast weather, to bring more light in. It works well for that.

In conclusion,  the Hasselblad Mod is worth paying $300. It isnt perfect, but works just as good as a small point and shoot camera. With Moto Z and Hasselblad True Zoom, you dont need to carry a separate camera. It is great for photographers who dont want to carry a DSLR and multiple lenses. Its alot more compact than a DSLR, and can easily fit in any bag.

The thickness of the Hasselblad True Zoom, might be bothersome for some, especially for some Moto Z users who prefer a thinner phone. I find the thickness easier to hold, than thin phones, so the thickness of my Moto Z Force and Hasselblad True Zoom doesn't bother me at all. For people who have trouble with grip, its very easy to hold. the wider side makes it easier to hold, which is the same kind of grip thats on a DSLR. 

The only downsides of the Hasselblad True Zoom are that its priced very high, but Hasselblad is the most luxurious camera brand in the camera market. Also when the lense is extended completely, it makes it a little difficult to hold the camera still, but the same can happen with any camera with a long lens, especially DSLR's.  Being a photographer, I find the camera Mods most fascinating, out of all the Moto Mods. I find them most useful, as I really love photography.

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