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New MotoMods announced today!

During a launch event in Africa yesterday, Motorola launched some of its latest phones in Ghana and also announced and showed off a couple of MotoMods. But these Mods are special, since it's the first time they have been shown to the public.

The first Mod includes the Moto 360 Camera Mod, which we assume will let you record 360-degrees videos. The thickness of the Mod also makes us assume it comes with some kind of external battery. The quality and definition is yet to be known. Evleaks shared a clear pic of this camera:

What surprises us is that a ROKR Mod was announced. So...ROKR is the iconic brand Motorola used for it music devices back in 2005-2008, and we are so happy that it's back! iconic brand needs another iconic brand, that's why the ROKR Mod was made in collaboration with Marshall. Isn't this awesome? It's a speaker with a few connectors, which we are yet to know what they do. Marshall also made the new Studio Mod. You can see both of them below:

Next, there's a DirecTV Mod, which we assume will let you watch TV straight from your smartphone. Satellite television in your Moto Z, isn't that cool? Last but not least, there's a DSLR camera Mod, similar to the Hasselblad Camera Mod, but with a much larger lens, which will be removable. 

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