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Motorola MAXX brand is back: the new Verve MAXX is here!

There are some iconic Motorola sub-brands that get revived from time to time. Now it's the MAXX brand's turn to come back, but not in the form of phones.

MAXX was introduced in 2006 with the RAZR MAXX series, a stylish HSDPA clamshell which updated the RAZR's design to an all-glass front. It was then brought back in 2012 with the Droid RAZR MAXX and MAXX HD, and later in 2013 with the Droid MAXX. In 2014, it was used as the international name for the Droid Turbo (Moto Turbo in India), known as Moto MAXX abroad. We last saw this brand being used in 2015 with the Droid MAXX 2.

But now, the brand is coming back and will be used for mobile accessories. Showcased during CES Asia 2017, Motorola Accessories introduced two new MAXX series under the VerveLife brand. 

One of them is the VerveOnes Travel Edition MAXX, and the other one is the VerveOnes Sport Edition MAXX. Those are rather long names for headphones, but it's still cool to see this classic brand come back!

We will share more information about specs, pricing and availability as soon as CES Asia is over. Stay tuned to our pages.

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