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Hello Color: 12 color ideas for the Moto Z!

The Moto Z is the most innovative smartphone available right now. Thanks to the Moto Mods, you can amplify the user experience in a snap. And it's also a very stylish phone, with lots of customization options thanks to the Style Shells Moto Mods.

The phone also comes in three color set ups too: white/gold, black/silver, black/gold. But what about different color editions, would you buy a Moto Z if it came in a different color? The Style Shells let you change the back, of course, but some users also love to use their Z without any Mod attached, and a new color for them might be of great interest.

The current trends in the market are blue and red, but there's lots of options. For instance, take a look at this quick edit to see all the different options we could have:

There's lime, purple, a luxury edition, orange, rose gold and many others. Which one would you choose? Leave a comment sharing your color options.

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