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Take a look at this unreleased silver Moto Z case

I'm happy with my white/gold Moto Z, but sometimes I look for housing replacements on Ebay. Today, I found a very interesting one... one that's never been sold.

When the Moto Z was launched at Lenovo's Tech World 2016, the company did show a silver version of this device. It never got released, though, so it's interesting to see one of these housings is being sold on Ebay.

Apart from the obvious color difference, there's nothing much to say about this metal housing. It looks very similar to the gold one, so I guess that's the reason it never got released. Who knows...

The Ebay listing is selling it for $33 and it ships from China to anywhere in the world. Maybe a brave fan would like to buy it, change the Z's housing and send us a few shots. Anyone? Here are some pictures of it:

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